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Load Balancing Exchange 2016 using DNS round robin

Load balancing CAS using DNS round could be effective in small organizations where budget is limited, DNS round robin method uses DNS to split the load between the hosts, in case the server is down you can manually remove the host from the DNS and re add the host back once the server is up and running fine.

DNS round robin is easy to configure.
I have 2 Exchange 2016 installed in LAB
LABExch02 – IP

I have configured the following Namespace “” on Exchange Server virtual directories and installed a certificate from the Active directory certificate authority.
Next I am going show you how to configure DNS round robin for these 2 servers.
Follow the steps as below:
  • Open DNS Manager
  • Go to “Forward Lookup Zone”
  • Right click the domain and add A record for each server

Now when we have created the DNS records,  run the following CMD to test the DNS record.

We see that the record is pointing to 2 different IP address which mean that we have successfully configured the DNS round robin for the

Summary: In this post we learned how to configure DNS round robin to load balance Client Access service in Exchange Server 2016.