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How to Export and install Certificate on Exchange Server 2016

In my previous post we talked about
Installing Active Directory Certificate authority here
and then requesting and installing certificate on Exchange server here.

In this post we will talk about how do we Export an already installed certificate and Install the same on different server on Exchange Server 2016.
You can do the same using EAC and PowerShell.
In this post we will cover the this using the EAC.

To export the certificate do the following:
1 ) open the EAC and click on Servers
2 ) select the Certificates tab,
3 ) select the server where the certificate is already installed
In my previous post we installed certificate on server, so let’s select the same server

Next select the certificate “” and click on the 3 dots and click “Export Exchange Certificate”.

A new window will pop up
you will be required to provide location, certificate name and password here to export the certificate.

Now when we have exported the certificate, we need to import the same on another server.
Again click on 3 dots icon and click “Import Exchange Certificate” 

It will open a new window and will ask from the certificate full path, certificate name and the password.
Provide the same and click Next.

Next window ask for the Servers Name you want to apply this certificate to.
Click on the plus icon and select the servers you wish to install this certificates to and click on Finish.

This will import the certificate on the specified servers.

That’s it for today, we have learned to export and import the certificate in this post.